Sunday, November 2, 2008

New! Peppermint Vanilla Diffuser, Chardonnay Rose Grapefruit and Pearberry soaps

Welcome to Lunada  Bay Soap Company!  We hope this blog will serve as a newsletter to keep you up to date on everything we're working on!  

If you love the smell of candy canes, you're going to love our new Peppermint Vanilla diffuser! This wonderful blend of Peppermint and Vanilla essential oils will brighten any room you put it in.  It's a wonderful compliment to our very popular Peppermint Vanilla pink bar soap.  Try one, or buy a gift set with both - it will make a wonderful Thanksgiving hostess gift!

Also new this month is our Chardonnay Rose Petals and Grapefruit bar soap.  It is a fresh blend of olive, coconut and palm oils and also includes Shea butter.  We've added crushed dried rose petals to inspire a little romance!  Much like its matching diffuser it is a perfect blend of sweet, floral with a nice hint of citrus.  

Our Pearberry soap has also gone through transformation.  It is no longer a Castile soap (single oil soap) but includes olive, coconut palm oil and Shea butter as well.  We found this combination of oils produces the best lather in town!  We hope you'll try our new soaps and let us know what other favorite scents you'd like us to try next!


Michelle said...

I'm sure I'm going to love this scent. :)

Janet said...

Thanks for your comment sis! It's a very nice scent and I think you'll like it too!